I'm a tenant

Something is broken or not working properly anymore in my rented accommodation, will you solve this/these problem(s) for me?

That depends on the type of problem(s). First check the meter cupboard card to determine the types of problems you are required to take care of yourself and which types should be reported to the Maintenance & Repair Service. For example, if it concerns a broken light bulb you replace it yourself, but if it involves a broken/malfunctioning cooking stove, we usually take care of that for you. 

I want to report a problem/malfunction, how can I do that?

If a resident app such as Area of People, Space Flow or LIVVIN is used in your residential complex, report your repair request or malfunction via this resident app. In all other cases you can report your malfunction online via this link. If you have a malfunction in the evening or the weekend that cannot wait until the next working day and you do not use a resident app, call 088-5330001.

I pay by direct debit and my account number has been changed. What now?

Please send your name and address to us in an e-mail: We will then send you a new Authorisation Form by post, which you can then fill in and return to us.

On what day of each month will you deduct the rent from my account?

We will deduct the rent from your account on the first working day of each month.

What notice period applies to my Rental Contract?

The notice period is 1 calendar month. For instance, if you submit your notice on 15 July, your rental contract will end, in that case, on 31 August. Therefore, it is not possible to submit your notice halfway through the month and for the Rental Contract to end on the final day of that same month.

What procedure should I follow to end my Rental Contract?

When you want to end your Rental Contact, please notify us of this by filling in this digital form.

What procedure should I follow when I wish to vacate and return my rented accommodation?

Please read these notes to find out how you should vacate and return the rented accommodation. If your accommodation will be immediately rented out to someone else after you leave, the new tenants may wish to purchase certain things from you, such as flooring, kitchen fittings, etc. If this is the case, both parties should discuss and agree to the details. The new tenant then becomes responsible for any material acquired through any purchase(s). For more information read the document transfer of movable property.